A lifelong scribbler, daydreamer and explorer of spaces between the real world and places just inside my imagination. My first painting experiences were in oil and at a very young age! Pulling ideas from imagery in the outdoor landscapes to figures working in fields. My life has been a path of learning, creating by fusing colors and designs that catch the eye, continues. This journey of expression has led to many paths explored and adventures that still await.

I have a background in graphic and illustration with a BFA, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. After a few years in retail advertising, I freelanced in graphic design and really noticed I was drawn more and more into the fine arts. Painting became my stress reliever and then my career.

My artful soul is the basis for most of my works. From  whimsical to more serious imagery, my art is created with the hope to inspire. Welcome to my world!

~ Judy Campbell


Visit Judy Campbell Fine Art at:
Bridge Street Art Works,

1009 Bridge St. Ashtabula, Ohio

Historic Bridge Street!

Sitting Ducks

Judy Campbell